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We are specialised in renewable heating systems and their integration in the built environment. Starting point is a thorough knowledge of the technology, but knowledge of the context is at least as important for us. We are specialised in the following technologies:

  • Compact thermal energy storage, for application in buildings as well as industry: thermochemical storage, sorption, latent heat storage materials
  • Concentrated solar power (CSP), materials and technologies for high temperature heat storage
  • Solar collectors and their system integration for buildings and industries

The combination of technical knowledge and our knowledge of the playing field is the guarantee for results, whether it is concerning an R&D question, a feasibility study, a market analysis or a policy advice. Next to that, we use our knowledge to instigate and organize trainings and courses. Examples of these are a contribution to a Leonardo-Energy webinar and pdf Heat Storage.

Through our active role in technology platforms, trade associations and the IEA, we are well informed about the latest developments in the market and in the international R&D field.