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Renewable heat offers opportunities to companies that want to use the heat internally, as well as to companies that develop products or processes related to heat. Prior to investing in a development, you need to have a clear view of the best choices for your company. Examples of questions related to this are:

  • Which technologies can we apply when developing improved thermal storage systems and solar thermal systems?
  • Which knowledge about materials and systems are needed for this?
  • Which part of the research and development could we perform in-house? And which part could be acquired through strategic collaborations?
  • How is the international setting for solar thermal and heat storage? Which market opportunities exist, who are potential collaboration partners and who are the most important competitors?

We can assist you in answering these questions. Moreover, we can assist you when initiating an R&D track, we can prepare and co-ordinate project for you and we can develop and give courses and presentations.